The Patient Journey

Key stages involved in going on your dental journey

Whenever a patient undergoes dental treatment, they decide to embark on a journey. This begins at the initial contact between the patient and the Dental team. To every journey there are stages, and for the best outcome Dr. Dapaah has outlined the 5 key stages involved in going on a journey with him.

1. Virtual


Meet Dr. Dapaah for the first time, discuss your desires and concerns when it comes to your teeth, and an opportunity to share what you think you may need or want. Dr. Dapaah will use the information provided and shared to inform you of the options that may be available to you. You will have the opportunity to upload photos of your smile and let us know how you feel about your current smile on our ‘patient smile evaluation form. If you would prefer an in-person pre-assessment, please feel free to contact our clinic at: +44 208 874 1957.


2. Face to Face

(Clinical) Consultation

The opportunity to carry out a full clinical dental assessment to assess the health of your teeth, gums and your mouth. Digital X Rays and clinical photos will be taken. Dr. Dapaah will go through your options and the stages involved in your treatment.


3. Treatment Plan &

Patient Consent

A treatment plan will be formulated and shared with the patient. There may be cases where a treatment plan letter will be created containing all the necessary information regarding your future treatment. Once the patient has understood the treatment plan, they will give consent for the treatment to go ahead.

Let’s Talk

to Myles




The treatment will be carried out in a relaxed and comfortable environment as Dr. Dapaah aims to give his patients the best experience possible.



Once the treatment is completed, Dr. Dapaah will share with the patient how the treatment received can be best maintained via a detailed maintenance plan.