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If your teeth have shifted, are uneven or crowded, Invisalign is a modern method which involves the use of clear braces to correct, align and straighten teeth over a short period of time. The process involves periodic follow up appointments with Dr. Dapaah to check your progress and give you vital support every step of the way.

Your Invisalign Journey

1. Initial appointment 

Dr. Dapaah will assess your teeth to ensure you are a suitable candidate for the Invisalign. If you are, Dr. Dapaah will take you through the treatment protocol. If you are not eligible for Invisalign, Dr. Dapaah will talk you through other treatment options.

2. Digital 3D Scan and Photos

At this stage, once you are eligible for Invisalign, Dr. Dapaah will go through the consent process with you and take digital 3D scans and photos of your teeth for your treatment.

3. 3D Computer Simulation

At this second stage, a 3D computer simulation will be produced using your photos and moulds to help you visualise what your teeth will look like at the end of treatment. It will also give you an estimate of the total length of your treatment journey.

4. Fitting

Once you are happy with the simulation, your Invisalign aligners will arrive between 20-30 days for Dr. Dapaah to fit. You are one step closer to getting your ‘perfect smile’!

5. Follow- up Appointments

As part of your bespoke treatment journey, you will be invited back by Dr. Dapaah every 4 – 6 weeks to monitor your progress and give you four sets of aligners on each visit.

You’ve achieved your perfect smile!

Once you’ve achieved your perfect smile, you will begin teeth whitening treatment and will be given a set of retainers to maintain the alignment of your teeth.


Cosmetic Fixed Braces are an alternative way to close unwanted gaps;  correct crowding; straighten overlapping teeth; and improve the general alignment of teeth. This type of treatment is a popular alternative to metal braces due to their white wires and brackets which make them just as effective, but much less noticeable. In cases where patients are not suitable for Invisalign, cosmetic braces may be considered as the right alternative. 


Composite Bonding is an instant and painless method of enhancing the overall aesthetics of the teeth by only making minor adjustments to your natural teeth. The process involves using an aesthetic white filling material (composite) that is used  to cover all, or part of the desired tooth/ teeth surface. 

Patients prefer to use composite bonding to

  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Smoothen out uneven surfaces
  • Brighten the colour of their teeth
  • Cover cracked or chipped teeth
  • Improve the shape of their teeth
  • Improve the proportion of their teeth

This is usually achieved in 4 stages:

The four stages

1. Initial Appointment 

Dr. Dapaah will assess your teeth to ensure Composite Bonding is suitable for you. If you are eligible for this treatment, Dr. Dapaah will take you through the treatment protocol and talk you through what you would like to change about your teeth.

2. Smile Simulation

After talking through your desired smile, Dr.Dapaah will take photos of your existing smile to produce a 2D simulation of what your teeth would look like before you start treatment. This smile simulation stage will help you visualise what is possible and enable you to make any necessary adjustments before the treatment begins.

3. Smile Trial

You’re one step closer to your perfect smile! At this stage, Dr. Dapaah will apply  temporary bonding material to your teeth according to the chosen design from your Smile Simulation. This is where you get to test drive your smile; you have the opportunity to assess the look and feel of your teeth and ensure you are comfortable when talking.

4. Smile Reveal 

At this stage, Dr. Dapaah, will place the composite material to your teeth, shape and sculpt to give your desired enhanced look and feel.

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Our Teeth Whitening treatment is designed for you to achieve a naturally whiter and brighter smile, the safest way possible, and under your control. We help you achieve this in 5 simple stages:

The Five Stages

  1. An initial consultation with Dr. Dapaah to gain a clear idea of the likely results of your treatment. Clinical photos will be taken at this stage.
  2. Digital scans of your teeth will be taken in order to produce your bespoke whitening trays.
  3. Once your whitening trays are ready, you will be given whitening gel(s) and clear instructions on how to place them in the bespoke trays and over your teeth.
  4. Your teeth will gradually become whiter over a period of days. Clinical photos will be taken to analyse and assess how many shades lighter you would have achieved.
  5. Your teeth are whiter and brighter, you’ve achieved your perfect smile!

    porcelain veneers

    Porcelain Veneers are made out of ceramic that are shaped and placed over existing teeth to give your desired enhanced smile. This is an aesthetic long term solution which can be used to disguise misaligned, disproportionate and discoloured teeth. This can be achieved with minimal invasive methods to preserve as much of your natural teeth as possible.


    Dental implants are a long term solution to replace teeth that have been lost or missing due to decay or injury.  Whether you are missing a front tooth, a back tooth, or have multiple missing teeth, dental implants close gaps by replacing missing teeth at their roots. The final crown on an implant is natural- looking, strong and versatile. Dr. Dapaah works closely with an experienced implant dentist Dr. Howard Koch in the planning and delivering treatment as well as providing essential post-treatment aftercare.


    A Smile Makeover can be a combination of aesthetic dental treatments used to achieve a significant difference to a person’s smile. This may include; aligning, whitening, replacing and improving the shape, proportion and altering the size of your teeth. This method has a positive impact on a person’s confidence, and how they feel about their smile. 

    A smile makeover plan is completely unique to each individual. During your consultation with Dr. Dapaah, you will be given a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your specifications, as well as a guide through treatment protocol and a clear idea of timescales.